Holidays in thailand- a Luxury Holiday Destination

Because of its stunning natural beauty, outlandish temples, unparalleled hospitality and cuisine Thailand has become one of the most desired destinations for the luxury holiday. Besides these, the hustle, bustle and culture-rich of this most beautiful and diverse country in Asia offer a unique insight into diverse

Thai life which also has made Thailand a marvelous holiday destination.

Visiting Bangkok, the capital city

In Thailand you will find variety of places to visit and many things to involve which will never make you bored. First of all, you can consider Bangkok, the capital city, which is a popular tourist destination. This business centre and the nucleus of economic and political affairs is known as Krung Thep. You will

experience the combination of ancient and modern structure all over the town. Another thrilling sight of this city is the night life which is really something to see,but you should also go Grand Palace if you don’t want to miss mind-blowing sculptures and the various distinctive temples which wil add a precious memory to your life.

Unforgetteble holidays with scuba diving and liveaboards

Exotic shores of Thailand are also another great attraction for the holidy seekers. Its crystal clear and warm waters are perfect to go scuba diving. Within your budget you can get the nicest experience of the fun diving and liveaboards in the world. Within a reasonable price you can manage a typical four day/four night liveabord trip including multiple destination dives, accommodation, diving equipment etc. For a memorable holiday you may search such dive locations around mainland Thailand and its islands as Phuket, Koh Samui and Phi Phi.

Chiang Mai, another popular destination

Chiang Mai, the second-largest city in Thailand, also offers ancient but beautiful temples, teak forests, elephants, caves, waterfalls and hill tribes. If you want to get a closer look at the natural splendor, choosing elephant trekking will be the best option. Shopping is another main occasion while one goes in a holiday. In Chiang Mai you will get a wide range of options to choose any items as the markets are filled with local as well as international brands.

Mouth watering Thai cuisine

If you are a lover of fresh herbs and spices, your holidays in Thailand will be unforgettable. Besides the gourmet restaurants you can get the taste of appetizing Som tam even at the street stall. And you won’t be worried about the price of the food as here you will find the both expensive and the inexpensive foods.

A magnificent spa holiday

While spending holidays in Thailand, another impressive side that you may enjoy is the available luxury day spas. Combining the concept of ancient as well as western here you will get such spa facilities as Foot, Facial, Aromatic Oil, Herbal Steam, with hydrotherapy, assotherapy and aromatic body treatments. Spa holiday seekers in Thailand will get world class facilities for a harmonious relaxation experiences.

Touching the vibrant moment of Thai life or staying at the hill tribe villages, or going elephant trekking, exploring dazzling seascapes and landscapes whatever the season and many more thrilling experiences are available for you during a Thai Holiday.

Setting Up a Business in Thailand

Starting a business in a foreign country can be both a rewarding opportunity and a daunting task. Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles and the government extends this hospitality into the business registration process. There are One Stop Service Centers which provide business start ups with a one location to obtain all the necessary information to incorporating a new business in Thailand. The Thai government has made great improvement over the last few years to speed up the business registration process in Thailand. Now a Thai Company can be registered in one business day after receiving a confirmation of the name reservation of the Thai limited company.

For a small new Thai business you can easily register your new Thai limited company with a minimum capitalization of 2 million baht. The Thai government requires that at least 25 percent of the starting capitalization be paid up on the date of the meeting for company registration. This start up capital can be used immediately for office rental, buying computers, purchasing inventory and other business expenses. As for big businesses, Thai government has their Board of Investment (BOI) program for offering special sectors many benefits for choosing Thailand as their start up location. This can include small software developers with just a few people to large manufacturing operation. The incentives include tax holidays, reduce tax duties on imported machines, fast processing of work permits and visas for foreign staff, and as well as tax free zones for importing raw materials which will be used and exported as a finished product.

The ownership percentage of your Thai company depends on the type of business registration you process with the Thai government. The most common type of registration is the Thai Limited Company with 2 million baht required initial capitalization. A foreigner can only hold up to 49 percent of the shares in this type of structure. Thus, the Thai partners must have 51 percent. The BOI company structure offers the ability of 100 percent ownership in certain business categories. It is recommended that you contact a Thai company incorporation lawyer to assist you in the planning of your new business in Thailand.