Pattaya Resort

Pattaya is a popular tourist destination in Eastern Thailand. Here, you will love staying at Pattaya Resort that is located at the Southern side of the Pattaya Beach Road. If you talk about luxury resorts in Thailand, this one captures many top ranks.

You can reach the Pattaya resort either through the driveway or through the adjacent shopping arcade. As you enter the resort, you will find yourself in the beautiful garden having mythical statues, fabulous swimming pools, exotic plants, ornamental furniture, luxurious restaurants and more. The most adorable feature of this resort is its calm and soothing environment that liberates you from all your stresses. The lobby of the resort is stunningly decorated featuring Oriental vases, red sofas and marble columns. When you look at corridors, you will be amazed by their simplicity that makes it gorgeous. The plush carpets over there enhance their attraction.

Rooms in the resort are nothing less than heaven since they are laced with every possible luxury. They are well appointed and exquisitely decorated with rich furnishings and artifacts. They king-sized beds, floor to ceiling windows, double beds, mini bar and more.

You can enjoy a snack in the Garden Terrace Cafe while viewing the beautiful surroundings. You can have snacks in this cafe all day long as it is opened 24 hours a day. Apart from traditional Thai food, you can also enjoy pizza, fresh seafood and other specialties.

The wall-mounted panels in the resort have avian themed murals that render an enchanting beauty. At The Narissa Oriental restaurant, you can eat great food in the company of soul relaxing music. You can also enjoy Pattaya bars there.

Considered among the best beach resorts in the world, Pattaya resort is located at a small distance of 150 km from Bangkok. This is resort is so popular that tourist come here repeatedly every year. People from different start of society come here to visit- singles, couples, families, retirees and more.

The beach is attractive as it has long sandy beaches, water sports facilities and other attractions. It offers loads of fun activities that allow you to have memorable holidays. The travelers from all over the world love this place for its exotic nature, tranquility and captivating decorations.

Once you get here, you will be welcomed by an ambience that is the combination of East and West. Its tropical environment has all the elements that are required to provide exotic holiday experience. It offers best hotels, throbbing nightlife, best shopping areas, best restaurants and more. As the resort offers best dining facilities, you can relish variety of exotic cuisines.

Furthermore, if you are sporty kind of person, Pattaya resort offers vast sports opportunities especially scuba diving. A stint with scuba diving here can be a lifetime experience for you. You can also have a good time checking amusement parks and museums and other places of cultural entertainment.

At Pattaya resort, you can relax your mind and rejuvenate body. It features the perfect combination of classic decor and modern ambiance that helps release your stress.

Thailand Famous Vacation Destinations

Thailand is a beautiful country with rich heritage and culture. The exotic naturally beauty, alluring landscapes, and moderate climate will offer great retreat to the travelers.

No wonder Thailand has become the most preferred vacation destination and millions of people visit this land of wonder every year. Among other tourist attractions, Golden Triangle is considered to be one of the most famous tourist destinations in Thailand. This triangle produces opium, which often tempts the tourists to gather near this place to gain a strange type of experience.

This area is covered with beautiful temples and shrines, with several sight seeing spots including towns and villages forecasting the wonderful landscape.

Chiang Rai in Thailand has many historic sites to explore, including elephant rides and eye-catching Doi Tung Royal Villa that is sure to provide a breathtaking experience. The main aspect that differentiates vacation destination in Thailand from that of other countries is the beautiful weather.

The best period to visit the beautiful places of Thailand is December to February, which is often referred to as, “cool season”. There are many tourist attractions in the country that often grabs the attention of many travelers.

Some of them include: Pattaya, one of the most famous ocean site resort, with many affordable restaurants that falls under the budget of every traveler, Koh Samui covered with many beach hotels, where you can enjoy the exotic beauty of beaches along coastline, Phuket, called “Pearl of the south” has variety of restaurants that offers extraordinary Thai cuisines.

These entire vacation destinations are sure to make your Thailand Travel a memorable one.

So there you have it – explore the features and various vacation destinations of Thailand Travel and enjoy what this amazing country has to offer.