Essential Ingredients for Thai Cooking

The fundamental nature of Thai cuisine is marked by the widespread use of rich spices, chili, galangal, lemongrass, and fish sauce in most of its recipes. Thai cooking method are overpowering and sophisticated delicate. They typically use herbs, fish, and finely shredded meat scraps and smooth which is served with rice balls delicately fashioned in special spoons. Today, spoons and forks are used along with chopsticks. However, a knife is usually not required as the food is already cut into small pieces at time of cooking.

Thai cooking has drawn significant influence from Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Burma, Laos, and Malaysia. Some of the basic fundamental essentials of authentic Thai cooking include both dried and fresh spices, lemon grass, coconut milk, chili, Kaffir lemon leaves, basil, garlic, and ginger.

Coconut milk is usually available in concentrated form in cans. The milk is processed and can be stored for long in refrigerators. Both dried and fresh lemon grass must be soaked in water for at least of thirty minutes before using it in your recipe. Another special Thai ingredient is the Kaffir leaf that is available at every supermarket that stocks multi-cuisine spices and herbs. Small-sized Birdseye chilies and fish sauce prepared from fermented shrimp are other basic things that add authentic Thai flavor to the food.

These components can be availed easily from your local supermarket or grocery store. Once all the aforesaid essentials are gathered, cooking Thai food becomes extremely easy. The best thing about Thai cooking methods and recipes is that you can experiment with your favorite ingredients to invent your own personalized recipes.