Holiday In Thailand

Thailand means “the land of the free” lies in the heart of Southeast Asia. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world and one can only experience the exotic beauty of the place when you get there. The fresh air kissing your face when you walk on the beach, the mouth watering dishes and the rush and madness in the market is something you will perhaps not get to see anywhere else. Many travelers also come here for adventurous holiday. As this place offer all kinds of sport for all ages like scuba diving, snorkeling, wind-surfing and water-skiing .After all these activities you can simply relax by lounging on the beautiful beach sipping your favorite drink with a good company.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. Bangkok means “city of angels”, it is a small Thailand in itself. It is the centre of commercial, industrial and cultural activities. If you are looking for peace and simplicity you can visit the Buddhist temples and the amazing part is it stands by side by side with nightclubs and cafés. You can see monks walking in their red robes all over the place and one can only wonder how they can attain such peacefulness in this rush and hectic world. Chiang Mai is another place which is a combination of modern city life and the old village charm. There are elaborate temples and cultural relics some of which are very old close to 700 years. On the top of the mountain is Doi Suthep monastery which overlooks the fertile valley embracing Chiang Mai.The local night bazaar is the favorite shopping place for tourists where you can get hand made local stuff, tribal wears and also latest modern junks for a good bargain.