Why Should You Rent A Car in Kho Samui, Thailand?

With many resorts spread out over this valuable coast line, Koh Samui is a small Island of Thailand. Samui town attract everyboby with evenful actions such as host of bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Some other attractions are offered such as day spas or healing centers you really do need a hire car. Another prominent attraction is a first class restaurant Samui town offers a wide selection of seafood restaurants all of equal quality, the seafood is displayed on ice in the front of the restaurants to entice you in.

Budget and Thai rent a car have depots at the open air tropical airport , both offer first class cars and good insurance cover. Cars can be rented direct from our resort but quality and age will be an issue.

Koh Samui at one time was very cheap and catered mainly to the backpacker that is no longer the case with 5 star hotels in abundance, however some resorts do still cater for the budget traveler. Samui is also popular for the healing or spa type holiday with many first class spa resorts situated along the coastline. They offer all forms of alternative medicine including colon cleansing . If you are on a traditional  holiday it is still possible to go along and experience a day of spa treatments.

A rental car  is not expensive to run as petrol is cheap in Thailand and parking is free. Do book your car hire in advance with a reputable company to avoid ending up possibly with a car with worn brake pads, no power steering and possibly no or limited  insurance cover.

If you decide not to rent a car the you can avail of the local taxi service which comprise of  open back pickups with 2 rows of seats ( no seat belts ). These can be flagged  down  just like a taxi and will bring you back to your resort, do agree a price upfront to save on any misunderstanding, a copy of hotel name card will also help.

Samui Island is full of local and tourist on motorbikes, do give them the right of way and a wide berth as most will not be wearing safety helmets and some may have been drinking. All these interestingness attract you? Coming here to get all really enjoyable feeling from these resorts.