Thailand Land of Smiles

“The country s name was Siam until June 24th 1939 then again in 1945 until 11th May 1949. The word Thai means freedom in the Thai language. Thai cuisine blends five fundamental tastes spicy sour sweet salty and bitter. Some common ingredients used in Thai cuisine are lemon grass garlic lime juice fish sauce and chillies. The staple food in Thailand is rice which is included in many meals. Thai is the largest rice exporter of rice in the world over 5000 varieties of rice from Thailand are stored in rice gene banks.

Thailand have monsoons in July and last until late November (rainy season). They can be uncomfortably and sticky. Next is the dry cool time from November until February then comes the higher temperature from March until June. The best time to visit is February to March. If you visit in the low season the rates are cheaper and the rooms cheap.